The Rigid Heddle Loom is an original design by wood artisan, Joe Hanes

It has been evolving through the years. 

This loom is simply beautiful and purely functional!!   Created from exotic wood 

showing many of the "beauty marks" from the wood.

They are  a strong durable loom,  that can "pivot" to the weaver's back, which means the  weaver can choose to sit anywhere they are

 comfortable to weave at their loom. 

         It has slides on the sides, which allows more space for theweaver to create.

The loom can pivot down  to enable the loom to slide into small spaces.

  They are made in 18" and 24" widths.

This is Kim's LOOM of choice.  She has been weaving for over 23 years.  The loom is easy to string on, and allows for much creativity.  It is like "painting with fibers",the warp is the the canvas and the "weft" is the painting. She also has set it up so 4 people can weave at once. 

Creative weaving lessons are available as well as weaving retreats!!!!  If your are interested in purchasing your personal Rigid Heddle Loom   contact


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